Are Ring Doorbells Worth It?

Apart from a couple of stumbling blocks, Ring Doorbell seems like an excellent way to prevent theft or housebreaking. It is quite common for people to order products online and let the delivery person leave the package outside their door. 

Sometimes, you don’t want to bother answering the door to receive an Amazon package, or it arrives during work hours and you are not home. Have you ever had a delivery package stolen from the front door or the porch area? Not everyone has space for a package dropbox.   

Are Ring Doorbells worth it? To answer your question, yes these security systems can be extremely helpful if you live in a burglary or theft ridden neighborhood. However, you might have to shed a few bucks each month to avail the advanced features. Some users don’t mind the subscription prices. Others might find it unnecessary.  

What Are Ring Doorbells? Is It an American Product?

Ring is a Santa Monica based home security systems company. The products are manufactured on US soil and exported across the world. The idea of a super-powered and automated doorbell seemed new and innovative and the founder (Jamie Siminoff) launched the firm on a whim.

Based on your unique needs, you can pick a Ring Doorbell from five variants. The basic video doorbell (sold by the name “Ring Video Doorbell 1”) is the most affordable version. The other ones have more advanced features and higher quality components. Further, you can also add a video peephole in the mix.  

Is Ring Doorbell Customer Service Any Good? 

Ring Doorbells come with some excellent safety and security features for your home. However, the company falls short in the customer service department. The representatives employed by Ring will certainly guide you through common issues, but they lack technical understanding and expertise. 

Furthermore, there seems to be a lack of communication between the Ring representatives and the shipping company. The customer care representatives will help you with a refund or replacement of a defective or damaged item. But the new item may not arrive in time, and the shipper will be blamed.

Customers often end up with an unusable doorbell as the company fails to package all necessary components. Sometimes the screws don’t arrive with the package or the buttons don’t operate. I know such instances are quite rare but my intention is to make you aware of the cons of this product line from Ring. 

What Are the Common Problems Faced by Ring Doorbell Users? 

Not everyone is familiarized with wifi-enabled home security cameras. It is natural for people to mess up the wifi settings or other configuration required by the Ring Doorbell. As a result, users often get frustrated and end up with a non-functioning doorbell. 

Furthermore, even if you are an expert in home security systems, a minor flaw in the product can prevent the device from picking up signals from the surrounding region. Hypersensitivity is also a common complaint raised by Ring Doorbell users. 

If you are going to buy this product you may as well be aware of the pitfalls. Also, note that wifi-enabled home security systems are generally difficult to set up in one go. So, have patience and be kind to the device manufacturer. You might have missed a step or two while installing.

#1 Ring Doorbell Not Powering Up

The internal doorbell mechanism can take up all the power leaving the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with inadequate power. This can lead to start and stop wifi connection or freezing of the screen after the button press. Pro Power Kit V2 is a great solution to this problem. You need to purchase this device separately.  

#2 Ring Doorbell Live View Not Working

Ring Doorbell lets you monitor the situation outside your door on your smartphone. No matter where you are on the planet, you can turn on the Ring mobile app to have a look if things are fine on the porch area. Unfortunately, sometimes this feature does not work. Reinstalling the Ring app on the mobile seems to resolve this concern. 

#3 There Is a Monthly Subscription

If you are thinking about purchasing any of the Ring Doorbells, be alarmed that there is a monthly fee to get more out of the devices. The basic plan will cost you $3 per month and the advanced plan is priced at $10 per month. 

You can use Ring Doorbells without subscribing to their service. But you won’t be able to record, review, or share the video recording. Although the fee is quite affordable, customers may feel tricked if they miss the aforementioned details. 

#4 Ring Doorbell Not Ringing

Doorbell not ringing is another common problem faced by Ring Doorbell users. This is a vague problem and there could be several reasons behind it. You can troubleshoot it all by yourself if you are aware of the probable causes. 

In addition to this, you can call the customer care representative for technical assistance. They will run you through a pre-composed checklist until the root cause is identified.  

#5 Ring Doorbell Not Connecting

All Ring Doorbells are equipped with a smartphone app that lets you control the doorbell, receive live video streams, and receive important notifications sent by the device. 

Sometimes users receive a message saying “we’re having trouble connecting to your Ring Doorbell”. To tackle this issue, the manufacturer has advised users to check the signal strength of their home wifi connection. 

The Final Verdict 

Are Ring Doorbells really worth it? Are these devices worth the trouble? I would say, it depends on the type of home and the region you live in. For instance, if you stay in a bungalow or a colonial home this device would make you feel a lot more secure when you are away from the home. You can monitor the verandas or the porch area remotely. 

Apartment dwellers may not benefit from a Ring Doorbell unless they leave their kids home by themselves. Instead of letting your kids deal with a strange visitor, you can talk to them remotely from your smartphone. The visitor will never know your actual location.

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