5 Best Airplane Phone Holders

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Most air passengers realize the need for a phone holder on their first long-haul flight. Watching a movie while holding a phone in your hand can lead to wrist pain. 

It’s easy to abstain from your beloved smartphone when traveling locally, but you need it if you are going to be spending more than 2 hours in an airplane seat.

A phone holder makes life easy. It is a simple device with no complications. You can slip it between one of the notches present in the back of a seat. A folded-up tray table has visible grooves or indents. 

A phone holder is a lightweight device. You can put it in your travel bag, let it stay there permanently, you never know when you will need it. 

It is far better to have a phone holder than lean your device against a coffee cup or soft drink can. I have reviewed the best airplane phone holders designed for both Android and iPhones.

Table of Contents 

  1. Universal Airplane in Flight Phone Mount
  2. Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder
  3. SkyClip Airplane Phone Holder
  4. Lopong Corp in Flight Cell Phone Media Holder
  5. Airglo Cell Phone Holder

Best Airplane Phone Holders

#1 Universal Airplane in Flight Phone Mount


Are you looking for a fully adjustable phone holder for your airplane rides? Universal brings a device that can hold your phone while you ease up on your airplane seat. 

No more holding the phone with your hands, you can mount this device in several different orientations. Pick a mounting spot near your seat and simply attach this holder. It will remain immovable even during in-flight turbulence. 

In addition to airplane seats and tray tables, this phone holder also works with carry-on luggage. Simply attach it to the handle during layovers. You could be sitting in an airport lounge or the terminal area. This device always comes in handy.


  • Holds up during in-flight turbulences
  • Built with quality parts
  • Doesn’t attract unnecessary attention from people passing by


  • Does not work well with the phone case on. You have to remove the phone case, especially during a rough flight

#2 Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder

Best Airplane Phone Holders

Most passengers prefer to carry a tablet along with their phones. Tablets have a bigger screen and a better configuration. Naturally, they are a preferred choice for those who love to watch movies, tv shows during travel. 

A couple of years ago, Flight Flap had launched a holding device designed specifically for smartphones. The older version is discontinued henceforth. This is a newer, more improved version — fit for both phones and tablets.

The inner metal structure is coated with neoprene (a synthetic fabric). Although neoprene is soft and cushy, it disintegrates with use. Additional care is needed, or the outer coating will begin to fall apart with each use.


  • Suitable for both smartphones and tablets
  • Fits perfectly on a magazine holder 
  • Good for occasional travel 


  • The outer coating is not durable 
  • Not the best choice for seasoned travelers 

#3 SkyClip Airplane Phone Holder


SkyClip has launched one of the best airplane phone holders on the market. The device is compact and lightweight. You can keep one in your travel bag without compromising on space for other items. 

This device is designed specifically for a smartphone. Although it can do a decent job of holding a smaller tablet. 

SkyClip is a simple device. You can attach it to a tray table or a magazine holder in front of you. And it comes with two grooves. You can place your phone in one of these grooves. 

The person sitting in front of you can have his/her seat reclined. As long as they don’t change the seat position you can have your phone positioned at eye level. If they move the seat, you will have to readjust the holder.   


  • Lightweight design 
  • Compatible with all major smartphone brands
  • Hands-free movie watching at its best 
  • Safe for toddlers. No pointy edges or swallowable parts 


  • Not designed for tablets
  • Phone can come off the groove during heavy turbulence 

#4 Lopong Corp in Flight Cell Phone Media Holder

Best Airplane Phone Holders

Unlike other airplane phone holders on the list, this device from Lopong Corp remains unmoved when flying in turbulence. It keeps your phone secure at all times. This is the unique feature of this device.

You can hook this device up to a tray located at the back of the seat. It should easily slip into the notch between the tray and the seat. In addition, you can also mount your phone with the tray down. 

Floor mounting is good for video conferences or video calls. But I recommend using this device to watch movies at eye level. Frequent flyers spend hours at the airport lounge. This little device can make their life easy as they wait. 


  • Good gift for frequent flyers 
  • Affordable 
  • Versatile 
  • Withstands a bumpy flight 


  • Made with Acrylonitrile (plastic) parts
  • Does not come with an instruction manual 

#5 Airglo Cell Phone Holder


Airglo is created by a flight attendant who saw passengers struggle with their phones regularly. Staring at the phone at an awkward angle can cause neck pain. Something had to be done. Thus Airglow was born.

Airline companies want passengers to watch the content displayed on the in-built screen, which is usually riddled with advertisements. And they may not have your favorite movies or tv shows. 

This is a lightweight device for easy carrying. The aluminum core is coated with black faux leather. The material is skin-friendly but please do not expect it to stay brand-new for long. Generally, holders coated with faux leather wither away with time. 


  • Artistic design 
  • Works with all phones
  • Skin-friendly material 


  • Coated with faux leather, begins to peel apart with use

The Final Verdict

The devices discussed here are designed mainly for smartphones and smaller tablets, but you can use them for medium to large-sized tablets as well. How, by position the tablet horizontally.

Note that most phone holders are designed to remain stable during a bumpy ride. But make sure the backseat does not jerk when the person sitting in you sits down hard. 

In an unstable backseat scenario, position the phone such that it should fall on your lap and not on the floor. Some older airlines do have low-quality or unmaintained chairs.

Rest, from the above list, I would pick Universal Airplane in Flight Phone Mount over others. It can be rotated in any direction I want. I quite like the 360 Degrees Rotation feature. I can pick the viewing angle of my choice.

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