5 Best Money Clip Card Holders

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Every man knows the value of a conventional money clip. If you do not want to carry a wallet, simply store your dollar bills in a money clip. It does the job for most guys.

It’s true that a money clip is an affordable alternative to a traditional bulky wallet. But it is not built to hold credit cards, debits cards, driving licenses, military cards, etc. To carry cash+cards you need a money clip card holder.

The newer slim wallets are equipped with RFID protection. Your credit/debit card information is protected from RFID skimmers. I have reviewed the best money clip card holders.  

Table of Contents 

  1. Michael Kors Leather Money Clip Card Holder
  2. Mountain Voyage Premium Minimalist Mens Wallet
  3. Travando Mens Slim Wallet With Money Clip
  4. Fielders Choice Goods Money Clip Card Holder
  5. WICHEMI Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder

Best Money Clip Card Holders

#1 Michael Kors Leather Money Clip Card Holder

#1 Michael Kors

Michael Kors, a designer based in Long Island, New York is a popular name in the world of international fashion. Apart from women’s handbags, MK is also known for men’s luxury money clip holders. 

This product is unlike any other product on the market. It is a minimalist money clip holder with canvas (89.4 percent), polyester, and polyurethane coating. 

Note that this mini wallet has a total of four card slots. It does not have a center slip pocket. Further, a polished money clip comes separately within the box. The clip can store cash and receipts.  

Michael Kors Leather Money Clip Card Holder Is Suitable For:

Slim wallet from Michael Kors is the best fit for folks looking for an ingenious way to keep their cash and cards organized. Men can carry this wallet to the gym, shopping, or work. The signature MK logo print makes the product look rich. 


  • A high-end product from a trusted brand
  • Makes a good gift 
  • Distinct look and feel 


  • No center slip pocket 
  • Pricey 

#2 Mountain Voyage Premium Minimalist Mens Wallet

#2 Mountain Voyage

Mountain Voyage brings you one of the best money clip card holders. The body of this clip holder is made from premium quality walnut wood. High-end musical instruments, carvings, etc are made from walnut wood. 

The clip and screws are made from heavy-duty metal. You don’t have to worry about rust or paint fading. 

Furthermore, this luxury mini wallet is also equipped with RFID blocking technology. Feel free to carry your credit cards wherever you go. RFID skimmers will never be able to steal your personal information or identity. 

Mountain Voyage Premium Minimalist Mens Wallet Is Suitable For:

This brand is quite popular among campers and hikers. Do not forget to check out this product if you are into adventure sports. 

Apart from that, this wallet can store about 12 cards and 8 bills. So, it makes a good choice for anyone and everyone.


  • Good craftsmanship
  • Lightweight and sleek
  • Goes well with both business and casual attire 


  • Maximum bill storage capacity is 8 

#3 Travando Mens Slim Wallet With Money Clip

best money clip card holders

Travando is a German wallet-making company. They export minimalist-style wallets all over the globe. Started by two childhood friends, Alexander and Kiet, the goal was to reduce the size of a traditional leather wallet. 

This slim wallet is known by the brand name “Austin”. A new and innovative design is topped with a Travando metal emblem on the front side. 

Note that this wallet is made from premium faux leather (also known as vegan leather). No animals were harmed during the making of the product. You can show it off without feeling any guilt. 

In addition to that, this slim wallet is equipped with features such as RFID protection, ample card pockets (11), a money clip, and an ID card window for your driving license.

Travando Mens Slim Wallet With Money Clip Is Suitable For:

This product arrives home packed inside a lavish-looking box. This is a high-end and luxurious slim wallet. Naturally, it makes a perfect gift for a boyfriend, brother, a male coworker, or a husband. 


  • Tested for quality control by a reputed German institute (TUV Saarland)
  • Lightweight weighs just 0.15 pounds when empty 
  • Fits snugly in a front pocket
  • Plenty of colors to pick from


  • It can hold a limited amount of cash. The wallet gets bulky if you store more than 8 bills

#4 Fielders Choice Goods Money Clip Card Holder

best money clip card holders

Fielders Choice minimalist wallet is made from premium steer hide leather. The material is extracted from retired baseball gloves. 

Steerhide is known to have a consistent grain and weight. Moreover, the leather has a slightly glossy finish due to the natural oils present in the skin of male cows. It continues to look new, the more you use the better it appears.

This is not a mass-produced wallet. Each wallet is made from a different glove. As the manufacturer says, each wallet has a unique story behind it. 

Furthermore, this slim wallet is equipped with two front card pockets for your driving license, military card, etc. You can store ample cash, receipts, and credit cards in the rear slot. A metal money clip holds the content together. 

Fielders Choice Goods Money Clip Card Holder Is Suitable For:

This luxury slim wallet is suited for baseball fans who love the smell of leather. Not everyone likes to carry their cash in a hard-body carbon fiber case. Fielders Choice wallet is soft and skin-friendly.


  • Smoky fragrance of aged leather 
  • Sturdy construction
  • Abundant space for cards and cash


  • Made from bovine leather. Vegan practitioners may not like it

#5 WICHEMI Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder


Are you looking for the most affordable slim wallet on the market? Not in the mood to compromise on comfort and luxury?

WICHEMI carbon fiber offers all essential features without you having to break the bank. The entire body is true-to-the-core carbon fiber, which makes it lightweight and durable. 

Do you want a slim wallet or an ultraslim one? You can select from three options: Type A, Type B, and Type C. 

Type A and Type B are ultraslim models. And Type C is a regular slim wallet. 

The case fits snugly within the money clip, located outside the case. You can store your credit cards within the middle slot. Pull the two sides apart, place the cards, and the elastic will do the job of securely holding the cards. 

WICHEMI Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder Is Suitable For:

This is a perfect product for those looking to replace their bulky traditional wallet with a slimmer alternative. In addition, this minimalist wallet also makes a decent gift for folks who like to keep their life neat and organized. 


  • Affordable product
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Slimmer than most other wallets on the market 


  • Surface texture feels rough on the skin 

The Final Verdict

From the wallets discussed above, I would go for “Austin” from Travando. It is more than just a case with a money clip attached to it. Travando has done its best to design a slimmer version of a traditional men’s wallet. 

Plus, I also like the fact that I can store a total of 11 cards. It also has an easy-access front pocket for a credit card. I don’t have to open my wallet every time I buy a sandwich or shop at a Walmart. My cash stays concealed and safe.

This is all I have to share about minimalist wallets on the market. Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below. I will be happy to help. 

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