5 Best Solar Floating Pool Lights

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A floating light can liven up a swimming pool with literally no effort on your part. All you have to do is let this device sit in the pool. The solar power battery receives energy from the sun during the day. The light turns on automatically once night falls. 

Why do I need a solar-powered floating light when I already have floodlights installed in my backyard/garden/lawn?

A floating light adds to the decor of the pool. It creates a calming and relaxing ambiance for nighttime swimming. 

The pool lights discussed in this post won’t illuminate the entire backyard. Although they are bright enough for you to be able to see the surroundings with your naked eye. 

You can keep an eye on your kids while relishing the glimmer. Hence, it is a solution to a major safety concern. In this post, I have reviewed the best solar floating pool lights. 

Table of Contents 

  1. Moon PrintingTially Store Full Moon Floating Pool Lights
  2. Flame EffectDeeprBlu Store Floating Solar Flame Lights
  3. Multi-colorEsuper Floating Ball Pool Light
  4. Lotus-shapedPearlStar Store Solar Pond Lights
  5. Flat-top DesignGeediar Floating Pool Lights

Best Solar Floating Pool Lights

#1 Tially Store Full Moon Floating Pool Lights

moon printing

best solar floating pool lights

Floating moons are one of the most talked-about decors among pool owners. As opposed to solid-colored balloons, moon balloons add a deluxe to your backyard and pool area. 

They come with a solar-powered battery and bulb, pre-installed in them. 

You can see this product in action simply by letting it sit in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours. Charging duration may vary depending on the intensity of sunlight in your area. 

Moon floating pool lights from Tially are low maintenance and practical. No need to take them out of the pool during the day. Leave them in the pool, let them charge, and they will turn on after dark automatically.  


  • Easy to inflate/deflate
  • Portable and easy to store 
  • Fully automatic, no need to switch on and off every day 


  • Non-replaceable batteries 

#2 DeeprBlu Store Floating Solar Flame Lights

flame effect

best solar floating pool lights

Pool glow lamps from DeeprBlu are a perfect match for a swimming pool, pond, spa, garden, patio, and jacuzzi. Basically any place you wish to decorate with flame effect lighting. 

Notice in the above image that this light has a transparent body. There’s a cylindrical structure in the middle encasing a solar battery and a bulb. 

Furthermore, you can change the lighting mode with a press of a button. The MODE button allows you to vary parameters such as flame intensity, brightness, and gradient.   


  • Waterproof 
  • Can withstand harsh weather 
  • Dustproof design 


  • Not pleasing to the eye during the day, the inner parts are visible 

#3 Esuper Floating Ball Pool Light



This is one of the best solar floating pool lights for folks who wish to decorate their pool with vibrating colors. You can enliven your old pool by placing these balls on each of its corners. Trust me, they make a massive difference. 

Basically, it is an inflatable balloon with a solar-powered battery and an LED in it. You blow up these balloons with your mouth. No need for an air pump. 

Furthermore, Eusper solar floating pool lights don’t come with a manual power button. They are good to go the moment you inflate them. 

This device is suited for pool owners who need a fully automatic and single-mode floating light. They change color after every 15 seconds. 


  • Inflatable
  • Waterproof and dustproof 


  • No power on/off button
  • Single-mode of operation 

#4 PearlStar Store Solar Pond Lights



A Lotus is a symbol of purity and self-regeneration in some eastern cultures. No matter the quality of water, the end product is always a beautiful and blooming flower. 

Having said that, growing an actual Lotus is not feasible in a pool. Nevertheless, you can always go for Lotus-shaped artificial solar lights. They charge themselves during the day and glow at night time. 

In addition, PearlStar Store solar pond lights are made from high-quality frosted plastic. They are partially transparent. The RGB auto-color-changing LEDs emit a soothing light throughout the night. 


  • Auto color changing lights 
  • A durable product lasts for years 
  • Value for money 
  • Suitable for every occasion


  • You have to take the top part of the device off during the day
  • The instructional sheet is not thorough

#5 Geediar Floating Pool Lights

flat-top design


We know that ball-shaped pool lights are quite popular. They go well with both small and larger pools. But now you can add something new to your pool with a flatter, brighter pool light. 

Geediar floating pool lights come with a remote controller. You can turn the light on or off with a click of a button. The remote works within a 16 feet radius of the swimming pool. 

You can operate the remote from the comfort of your home– no need to step outside. I also like the flatter design. It means more light enters into the water adding a lavish touch to the pool.

This device offers 16 colors and 4 modes. You can change the light intensity, gradient, and several other parameters. Again, the remote makes it all very easy and effort-free. 


  • Comes with a remote 
  • Flat shape prevents flip over
  • Brighter than others on the market lights up the swimming pool
  • Multi-mode lighting


  • Battery drains faster than other solar lights. Operational time is no longer than 6 hours. Only suitable for weddings, parties and events.

The Final Verdict

Floating pool lights are mainly used for decorative purposes. Although, as I mentioned earlier, they also increase the visibility in and around the pool area– making nighttime swimming safe for you and your family. 

From the devices discussed above, I would pick pool lights from DeeprBlu Store over other manufacturers. It brings something new to the table. The flame effect is thoroughly beautiful. Plus, I also like the flickering mode. It looks like an actual candle.

This is all I have to share about the best solar floating pool lights. Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below. I will be happy to assist.

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